What is EAJ



We aim to 'expand our customers' horizon through assistance'.
EAJ expands the horizon of our customers by providing powerful support so that they can step out into a new world with peace of mind with making all the arrangements, bridging barriers of culture, social system and language in any part of the world, and ensuring to resolve problems and anxieties that our customers may have.

3 Values

When providing coordination services in emergency situations, EAJ acts with motto 'HSC' in mind remembering the feeling of "What if it were my family?"

Heart: Remembering compassion at all times.

Skill: Deepening knowledge and experience in order to provide better services.

Communication: Hearing the unspoken voice and responding flexibly.

Three Advantages



A group of specialists with language abilities,
expertise and skills to solve difficult problems.

  1. EAJ will provide Medical Assistance coordinated by professionals with language skills (e.g. English and Chinese), knowledge of insurance and medical care, and in the case of serious illness or serious injury, EAJ will provide transportation by a medical team of doctors and nurses based on the judgement of a consultant physician with knowledge and experience in emergency and air medical care.

  2. In Medical and Healthcare Tourism, EAJ will provide the services based on experience and knowledge gained over the years is combined with a strong national and international network.
    In Lifestyle Assistance, EAJ will provide the services coordinated by experts with sector-specific knowledge, sensitivity and exceptional concierge skills.

Comprehensive Menu of Services


From "Medical Assistance" to "Security Assistance",
we offer a one-stop service for problems that occur anywhere in the world.

  1. The Medical Assistance provides a one-stop service beginning from comprehensive and continuous assessment of the customer's situation over the phone or by email when they encounter a problem, then arranging medical treatment to transporting the patient back to their home country, ensuring their safety and peace of mind from start to finish.

  2. The Medical and Healthcare Tourism program provides a smooth service, from arranging medical facilities, visas for medical stays, accommodation and transport prior to entry, to attending to the clients during their stay, dispatching interpreters and following up after they return home.

EAJ also offers total risk management, combining 'medical assistance' and 'security assistance'.

Global Network


Inspiring customer confidence and peace of mind through network relations with accredited medical institutions around the world.

  1. 直轄拠点
    • 12 offices and operation centers(Worldwide)
    • 234 employees s
    • About 16,000 network hospitals Worldwide)
    • 4,392 other providers (agents, air ambulance providers, etc.)
    • (as of December 2022)

    EAJ's network of international and domestic medical institutions, international providers and agents is renewed daily and extends all over the world. This solid network is the result of many years of experience and trust, and speaks to EAJ's superiority.

Performance &Network

  1. 113,000 Assistance cases annually
  2. 200 medically assisted evacuations and repatriations annually
  3. 24x365 operations centers in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Beijing
  4. 80 native, Japanese-speaking assistance coordinators (worldwide)
  5. 60 escort doctors
    50 escort nurses

(as of February 2023)

Empowerment of Women

  1. The Contribution of Women to EAJ

    At EAJ, Assistance coordinators are the backbone of our service platform. The percentage of female employees is 69%(as of December 2022)

  2. Women in Management

    The proportion of women in management positions is high at 55%, including one person who is a member of the Board of Directors as a member of the Audit Committee (as of December 2022)

  3. Supporting work-life balance

    We have a childcare leave system and a reduced working hours system for childcare, creating an environment where work and childcare can be balanced.