What is EAJ


About Us

In times of need, no matter where they are, members call on Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) for assistance.


For example, what to do if someone falls ill or suffers injury while traveling far from home?
By calling EAJ, members can be assured of access to the best and most appropriate medical facility in their vicinity: EAJ makes all the arrangements, bridging barriers of culture and language, ensuring that the patient correctly understands the doctor's opinion and recommendations, and seeing that the patient's medical emergency is brought to successful resolution.


Or, what if a member needs assistance in making a reservation at a world-famous restaurant or in sourcing rare or difficult to find merchandise? Our Lifestyle Assistance menu covers a full spectrum of concierge services designed to make customers' experiences abroad more enjoyable and more stress-free.


Members of EAJ supported products can feel more secure and more empowered, knowing that EAJ is on their side. Through delivery of both medical and lifestyle services, we promise "a wider world through Assistance."

Four Advantages

The "Japan Standard" of Assistance Services


Service delivered with Japanese sensitivity and attention to detail.

  1. Operating entirely under Japanese management and control, EAJ successfully integrates the concept of Assistance, as developed in Western Europe, with the values of Japan's unique service culture.

  2. Our highly experienced medical teams, working closely with cutting-edge Japanese medical institutions, routinely manage and perform medical repatriations from all corners of the globe.



Delivering solutions to difficult problems and challenging situations demands coordinated attention by specialist teams.

  1. Service Coordinators are highly trained specialists. Medical Assistance coordinators must have a thorough understanding of insurance policy wordings and be able to communicate freely with medical professionals in second languages, such as English or Chinese, while Life Assistance coordinators need to have mastered concierge skills and be knowledgeable of the international hospitality and entertainment industries.

  2. Centralized data management systems ensure consistency and conservation of standards of service quality between centers located in different parts of the world.

Comprehensive Menu of Services


From Medical Assistance to Security Assistance, we have our customers covered.

  1. Medical Assistance, from hospital and doctor referrals to medically assisted repatriations. From first call to final discharge, our customers have the confidence and assurance of knowing that EAJ is with them, every step of the way.

  2. Combine this with our Security Assistance packages, designed to ameliorate risks associated with terrorism and political instability, and those customers now have a comprehensive risk management solution.

Global Network


Inspiring customer confidence and peace of mind through network relations with accredited medical institutions around the world.

  1. 直轄拠点
    • Worldwide:
    • 12 offices and operations centers
    • 259 employees
    • 11,586 network hospitals
    • 4,392 other providers (agents, air ambulance providers, etc.)

    Network maintenance and development receives ongoing attention and is based on many years-long relationships and experience. Our provider networks are continuously updated and expanded by dedicated network and provider relations specialists.

Results & Structure

  1. 113,000 Assistance cases annually
  2. 200 medically assisted evacuations and repatriations annually
  3. 24x365 operations centers in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Beijing
  4. 150 native, Japanese-speaking assistance coordinators (worldwide)
  5. 60 escort doctors
    50 escort nurses

Empowerment of Women

  1. The Contribution of Women to EAJ

    At EAJ, Assistance coordinators are the backbone of our service platform. Using 2015 data, 68% of our Assistance coordinators are women.

  2. Women in Management

    Women account for 44% of EAJ's management (2015 data). This includes one director, as well as audit and other committee appointees.

  3. The Balance between Family and Work

    Employee family concerns are important to us. Through policies such as childcare vacation and workhour reduction, EAJ endeavors to support all of our employees, and especially women, in their fulfillment of family responsibilities as well as those of career.