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  • Our employees working overseas need help with medical appointments, medical interpretation, and payment arrangements.
  • I cannot depend upon my Overseas Travel Insurance policy to protect me, because it is subject to limits and exclusions. I need someone to call for support, regardless of the circumstances.
  • What should I do if one of our people suffers illness or injury and needs to be evacuated? I need someone to organize and perform medical evacuations and repatriations, including receiving hospital arrangements.

Services for Corporations and Organizations with Employees Traveling or Working Overseas (Umbrella Service Agreement) Overseas Medical Assistance Services

  • We need a Medical Assistance provider to administer the Assistance service benefits attached to our Overseas Travel Insurance Plans.
  • We need to provide customers carrying our Overseas Travel Insurance with access to cashless medical services abroad.
  • When an insured customer is injured or falls ill while traveling, we need an Assistance partner who can correctly assess the severity of the patient's condition and determine whether or not medical evacuation is warranted.

Services for Insurers
Providing Overseas Travel Insurance Customers with 24 Hour 365 Day Access to Assistance from Anywhere in the World
Overseas Travel Insurance Assistance Services

  • We need to access to up-to-date overseas security information and to receive alerts when sudden events occur.
  • We need access to professional help and advice with regard to security and emergency response planning.
  • To ensure the safety of our employees abroad in the event of political or social unrest, insurgency, or terrorism, we need to put in place an emergency response and evacuation plan that can be implemented on short notice at any time.

Total Security Solutions for Global CorporationsSecurity Assistance Program

  • Our students need someone to call if they fall ill or are injured while studying abroad.
  • We need you to provide basic security and safety training for students before they go abroad.
  • Should a serious catastrophe occur, we need you to dispatch a professional emergency response team.

Serving Students, their Schools, and their Guardians through Strong Networks and Systems
Providing Total Safety Risk Management Solutions
Overseas Student Security Management Assistance (OSSMA)

  • I have heard about the technological advances in Japanese healthcare and wish to be seen by Japanese physicians. How do I go about this from abroad?
  • I need help not only with medical arrangements in Japan but also lodging, transportation, and other day-to-day concerns as they arise.
  • In order to enter Japan, I will need a medical stay visa, which requires a Japanese guarantor.

Support Before, During, and After Treatment for Foreign Patients Seeking Treatment in Japan Referral Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Treatment in Japan

  • A foreign visitor has fallen ill but speaks no Japanese and is incapable of seeking medical help on his or her own.
  • While visiting Japan, I wish to be able to use my travel insurance to obtain cashless service at Japanese hospitals and clinics.
  • A foreign visitor to Japan is severely injured and needs medical attention, but he is uninsured. What can be done?

Multilingual Support for Foreign Visitors in Need of Medical Care
Cashless Medical Service through Domestic Network of 800 Medical Providers
Emergency Assistance Services for Foreign nationals in Japan

  • We wish to provide our cardholders traveling abroad with access to a broad menu of concierge services.
  • Some of our cardholders seek difficult-to-obtain reservations at famous restaurants, tickets to popular shows, or rare or limited merchandise.
  • We issue cards to highly demanding clientele. The quality of the services we provide them must meet their demands.

Delivering Stress-free Enjoyment of Overseas Travel to Premium Cardholders by Experienced Concierge Coordinators Lifestyle Assistance Services

  • We wish to receive emergency medical response training and advice from experienced experts (emergency medicine paramedics and nurses).
  • We need a medical risk survey, including information and competency assessments on local medical facilities, done on the area surrounding our overseas plant or operations.
  • We wish to limit our exposure to costs associated with medical emergencies overseas.

Health and Emergency Risk Management and Training for Management and Employees of Overseas Plants and Operations Overseas Emergency Response Services

  • We wish to ensure safety and security at our upcoming public event.
  • We cannot rely on volunteers; we need professionals to organize and deliver aid.
  • The event will also include foreign nationals; we need to be prepared to care for them as well.

Security and Emergency Response Preparedness for Sporting and Entertainment Events and TV and Movie Filming Locations Public Event Medical Aid