What is Assistance


Human Lifestyle Assistance

'Assistance' means helping to provide customers with solutions and peace of mind in times of need, wherever they are in the world. EAJ supports your cross-border activities with our high standard of 'assistance'.

EAJ will Help to access to medical services and evacuation with peace of mind if you fall ill, sustain injury or are involved in an incident abroad.
Offer the best options to enrich your quality of life when you want to dine and shop abroad.
Provide foreign patients from overseas who come to Japan to receive medical care and/or need medical care in Japan, coordination to link them with domestic medical and healthcare networks.
Send safety systems and health rescue teams to overseas sites.
EAJ provides professional coordination services in different parts of the world, where there are language, social systems and culture gaps, by carefully attending to the needs of clients.

Specific Scene

For businessman active on the international stage

Corporate Medical Assistance Services

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  2. When your employees suffer an unexpected illness or injury abroad, they want to receive treatment at a medical institution where they can speak the same language as they would in Japan.

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For businessmen active on the international stage

Corporate Security Assistance Services

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  2. Your corporation wants to ensure the safety of employees and others in the event of loss of security and urban functions or when personal danger is eminent due to terrorism or riots.

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For students abroad

Assistance Services for Scholastic Institutions

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  2. Your school want to protect students from unexpected problems caused by unfamiliar environments and different cultures.

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For foreign nationals desiring to seek medical attention in Japan

Medical and health tourism services

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  2. A foreign patient wants to come to Japan for access to excellent medical technology and to receive medical services smoothly.

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