What does EAJ do


Medical Assistance

When someone falls ill or sustains injury while travelling abroad, what are they do? Medical Assistance is the essential coordination service that ensures such travelers receive the medical attention and care they need.

  1. EAJ maintains Assistance centers in 6 countries and proprietary network of medical and technical service providers worldwide. Through activation of these resources and coordination between the patient and all other parties involved, we see that every patient receives the attention and care he or she needs, no matter where they are. See more details.

Inbound Medical Assistance

With the increase in inbound travel in recent years, there has been an increase in the provision of assistance services for foreign nationals visiting or living in Japan who falls ill. We are also working with national and local authorities to create a system for smooth access to medical care and treatment at appropriate medical institutions. See more details.

Medical Tourism

Medical Travel Coordination Services

Since 2011, EAJ has provided a one-stop service for arranging for people from overseas coming to Japan for advanced medical care and excellent health check-ups. EAJ have recently added healthcare, including well ageing, a service line-up that has been increasingly anticipated around the world following the Covid-19 pandemic. EAJ is expanding our network with many medical institutions and acting as a bridge between patients and medical institutions. See more details.

Assistance Intermediary in the provision of medical services to persons from abroad

On 4 September 2015, EAJ became the FIRST company to be certified by the Government of Japan as an “Assistance Intermediary in the provision of medical services to persons from abroad.” This system gives an 'endorsement' to companies that meet certain criteria and are able to provide high-quality support services. It is designed to ensure that foreign nationals receiving treatment in Japan can receive medical advice and treatment with peace of mind.

Life Assistance

Concierge Services

EAJ offers concierge services to high-end credit cardholders, both domestically and internationally.
EAJ will be there for you and helping you not only to enrich your daily life, but also to assist you to feel safe, so that you can enjoy and stay as comfortable as possible even in the unusual circumstances of being abroad. This is EAJ's concierge service.

24-hour telephone reception service

EAJ provides information on various types of insurance, including travel insurance, receives accident reports and assists with smooth insurance claims filing. EAJ also provides an after-hours emergency telephone support service to public offices and other organizations, not only in Japanese but also in English and other foreign languages. See more details.

Global Projects

Global Projects

Survey of the medical environment, support for the development of healthcare systems, health crisis management, emergency response and rescue and first aid services in remote overseas areas and other hardship areas.

Arranging training in Japan for overseas personnel as part of medical exchanges, human resource development, planning and organizing seminars and symposia to introduce Japanese medicine overseas, and supporting intergovernmental exchanges, See more details.