What does EAJ do



When someone falls ill or sustains injury while traveling abroad, what are they to do? Medical Assistance is the essential coordination service that ensures such travelers receive the medical attention and care they need.

  1. EAJ maintains Assistance centers in 7 countries and a proprietary network of medical and technical service providers worldwide. Through activation of these resources and coordination between the patient and all other parties involved, we see that every patient receives the attention and care he or she needs, no matter where they are.

The Assistance Case: An Example

When a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, in February 2011, numerous young Japanese students, 28 of whom perished, were among the casualties. At the request of several major Japanese insurance clients, EAJ set up a local coordination center and dispatched a total of 4 medical teams to retrieve the injured and repatriate them to Japan. As some patients required local medical stabilization before they could be moved, the entire operation lasted for several months. At the same time, EAJ coordinated visits by grieving family members and arranged the repatriations of mortal remains.


Inbound Operations

  1. EAJ coordinates the delivery of cutting-edge Japanese medical technologies to patients coming from overseas in search of treatment, as well as providing emergency medical assistance to foreign travelers in Japan.

  2. We are a contributing partner to the national initiative to internationalize Japanese medicine.

A Foreign Visitor to Japan in Need of Assistance

EAJ is requested by a foreign insurer to intervene on behalf of one of its members, an Italian visitor to Japan injured in a motorbike accident. After obtaining medical information, we translate this information into English and assist the insurer in its determination that the loss is coverable under the terms of the patient's policy and that repatriation of the patient to Italy is medically reasonable. By obtaining special customs wavers and airport permissions, we are able to deliver the patient by ambulance to the tarmac and then to board him on the commercial flight that will carry him home.

Assistance Intermediary in the Provision of Medical Services to Persons from Abroad

On 4 September 2015, EAJ became the FIRST company to be certified and endorsed by the Government of Japan as an "Assistance Intermediary in the Provision of Medical Services to Persons from Abroad." Foreign citizens desiring access to Japanese hospitals and advanced medical technologies and methods of treatment not available in their home country may contact EAJ for advice, options, referrals, arrangements, and visa support, as well as comprehensive assistance with all other aspects of their visit.


Outbound Operations

In addition to its Inbound Services, EAJ is a participating partner in the governmental initiative to introduce and export Japanese medical knowledge and technologies to other countries.

  • ● Facilitation of seminars introducing Japanese medical advancements to foreign doctors and medical professionals
  • ● Matchmaker between foreign and Japanese doctors, medical professionals, institutions, and equipment manufacturers
  • ● Consulting services to Japanese medical institutions wishing to establish presences and operations overseas

Global Projects

Global Projects

Contributing to International Social Betterment

As one example, EAJ, as an adjunct to a project to assist in the development of petroleum refinement technologies in oil-producing nations funded by a grant from the Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, plays a major role in the strengthening of healthcare sector cooperation between Japan and Abu Dhabi. In this capacity, we are making advanced Japanese medical technologies accessible to citizens of the Middle East, thereby contributing to the wellbeing and satisfaction of those involved in the project as well to national economic development.

Medical Projects

Cooperation Agreement with Chinese Medical Portal

EAJ has entered into a cooperation agreement with Jiu Yi 160, China's largest medical online portal. Our role is to provide information regarding Japanese medical providers, to answer inquiries from Chinese patients seeking access to Japanese healthcare, and to act as a matchmaker between these patients and Japanese hospitals delivering advanced treatments and preventive medicine. In this way, EAJ bridges national and cultural divides to the benefit of both Chinese patients and Japanese medical institutions.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Visit from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affaires Disaster Prevention

On 21 October 2015, EAJ was visited by a delegation from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affaires (MOSA). The visit, part of a mission to study Japanese disaster relief planning, included representatives from Tagana, MOSA's civil disaster relief corps, and it was made at MOSA's request in recognition of EAJ's good standing as an international risk management company.

MOSA's visit was mutually informative and beneficial. EAJ explained our emergency preparedness structure, including standby readiness of our doctor and nurse emergency medical teams, and shared our experience of working together with governmental and civilian agencies to respond to crisis situations in many parts of the world.