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Total risk management services for students, schools, and parents or guardians through network strenght and systems innovation Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA)  Educational

Answering needs like these!

  • Periodic check-in with the student to confirm his/her safety and wellbeing
  • Access to comprehensive assistance and support in the event of illness or injury while studying abroad.
  • Advice regarding health and safety precautions to be taken before student travel abroad
  • Task force and comprehensive situational management to deal with major events or calamities


Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA) is a comprehensive risk management service designed to meet the respective needs of schools, students going abroad to study, and their parents and guardians. To school administrators, we provide everything from health and security risk updates to on-location task force establishment and media response management in the event of major incidents. To students and their parents or guardians, we provide a 24 hr x 365 day help line and subscription to our proprietary, cloud-based student safety monitoring service, the OSSMA Locator system. Through state-of-the-art systems and global service provider networks, we ensure the quality of the student's life abroad. Prior to travel, we sponsor orientations with risk prevention advice by experts and provide practical information and trip preparation advice.


Medical Assistance

Hospital and physician referrals
Referrals to hospitals and other medical facilities compatible with Japanese standards.
Medical interpretation
Telephone interpretation by Japanese coordinators, medical interpretation, and dispatch of personal attendants.
Medical cost containment and proxy payment services
Payment guarantees, cost reduction negotiations, and payment intermediary services. We also advise members on how best to use insurance to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.
Medical monitoring
Through regular contact with the local attending doctor, we monitor changes in the patient's condition and report to the concerned parties.
Medical advice
Japanese physicians—more familiar with Japanese physiology and health issues than their counterparts overseas—are available to provide second opinions.
Medical evacuations and repatriations
We implement and coordinate emergency medical evacuations and medical repatriations under the care of Japanese medical practitioners.
Funerary arrangements and repatriation of mortal remains
Local funerary and burial or cremation arrangements and repatriations of mortal remains to Japan.

Non-medical Assistance

Assistance in the event of lost or stolen travel documents (passport, etc.)
In the case of loss or theft, we advise with regard to reporting procedures, including contact information, and assist with reissuance.
Emergency message relay to school and/or parents or guardians
In the event of accidents or other emergencies, we contact school officials and guardians to advise them of the situation as soon as it becomes known.
Interface with local officials and agencies
We coordinate with the student's insurer to arrange cashless service and ensure that claims are accurately adjudicated and promptly paid. When circumstances require it, we will contact official agencies on the student's behalf.
Problem solving assistance
We answer requests for advice and assistance in problem solving from not only the student but also his guardians and his school representatives.
Lawyer referrals
When situations demands it, we provide legal referrals to lawyers with expertise in international law.

The OSSMA Locator System

Records and manages student coordinates and contacts
To ensure our ability to provide competent assitance in times of emergency and to be able to determine the safety of the student during times of emergency as well as under normal circumstances, the student's essential information is recorded in advance of travel.
Periodic email check-in program to verify student safety
As well as in times of emergency or major calamity, we also check on the student's safety at regular intervals via email during normal times and report back to school representatives and the student's guardians.
Special contact and safety verification on demand
Safety verification emails requiring a response from the student him or herself are sent at regular intervals. If there is no reply, then we contact the student by telephone.
Dispatch of search and rescue personnel
In the event of a major incident or when we are unable to determine the student's safety status, we will, at the school's request, dispatch personnel to the site to conduct search and rescue functions and to provide other types of assistance.