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Services to corporations, organizations, and insurers

Medical support for corporations or organizations active overseas and for overseas travel insurance subscribersMedical Assistance Services

We provide comprehensive medical risk management with the Japan Standard of service quality. Under our plans members can call us from anywhere in the world for assistance with location of and appointments with suitable medical providers, language support while being seen, payment arrangements, and emergency medical transports.

Overseas Medical Assistance Services (Umbrella Plans)

Comprehensive medical risk management and medical assistance services packages for corporations and organizations with employees stationed or traveling overseas. As well as assistance with healthcare and payment, we also provide information regarding medical risks and medical providers prior to travel and arrange annual medical checkups for persons stationed abroad. From prevention to after-care, this is a total support service solution. Even in circumstances not covered by travel insurance, the service applies, thus providing full protection and peace of mind.

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Overseas Travel Insurance Assistance Services

EAJ is selected by many of Japan's leading insurers to administer the Assistance service benefits attached to their Overseas Travel Insurance policies. Operating as a global, 24-hour call center on these insurers' behalf, we meet the Assistance needs of their customers, seeing to it that they receive the medical care they require no matter where they are in the world, and then adjudicate medical claims and make payments directly to providers so that customers pay nothing out-of-pocket.

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Total security solutions for global corporationsSecurity Assistance Program

Unfortunately, political unrest, insurrection, terrorism, kidnapping, and heinious crimes are becoming an increasingly prominent feature of our modern world. Our Security Assistance Program effectively assists coporations operating globally in their management of these risks.

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Services to Educational Institutions

Deployment of strong networks and innovative systems to provide total Assistance for students, their schools, and their guardiansOverseas Students Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA)

Services begin with prevention, including risk management orientations, medical and security information regarding the overseas destination, and advice with regard to overseas travel insurance enrollment. In the event of major incidents, we establish a dedicated task force and bring in media management experts to deal with media exposure.

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Services to Foreign Nationals

Assistance Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Services in Japan

On behalf of foreign patients wishing to avail themselves of advanced diagnostics and therapies available in Japan, we act as intermediary between patient and provider, assist with visa requirements (medical stay visa), provide qualified medical interpreters, and accomodate other needs and requests to make the patient's visit worry free. We also make hospital arrangements on behalf of foreign visitors who fall ill or are subject to injury during their stay in Japan.

Referral Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Treatment in Japan

This service makes advanced Japanese medical technologies accessible to foreign nationals and assists them before, during, and after treatment. In 2011 we became the first officially recognized guarantor for issuance of Medical Stay visas. In four years, over 700 patients from 44 countries have availed themselves of our services and received treatment in Japan.

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Emergency Assistance Services for Foreign nationals in Japan

We provide emergency medical assistance to foreign visitors and residents. Multilingual coordinators are on standby to assist patients who do not speak Japanese and to arrange treatment and place payment guarantees with any of the 800 medical providers in our nationwide network.

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Customer Loyalty Programs for Card Companies

Enhancing the pleasurable experiences of premium cardholders traveling abroad Lifestyle Assistance Services

On behalf of credit card issuers and other premium membership programs, we provide a wide range of concierge services designed to make members' travel experiences more memorable and enjoyable. Included are such benefits as restaurant reservations, entertainment and sporting event ticket procurement, and travel arrangements, information, and advice.

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Other Services

Services providing health risk management to employees traveling abroad and employee safety training, as well as event security planning and implementation, emergency aid, and hospital admission assistance.Emergency Response Services

Health risk management and emergency medical response is administered under the direction of emergency medicine certified doctors and nurses. We conduct medical risk site surveys, provide emergency medical response assistance in the event of life-threatening illness or injury, conduct employee trainings in cardiovascular resuscitation, and arrange stress management counseling services.

Overseas Emergency Response Services

Member corporations with employees abroad use this service to activate the dispatch of Japanese medical practitioners (licensed technician-paramedics and nurses) to provide health counseling and, in time of emergency, to deliver first-aid and perform medical evacuations. Its facets include information services, such as medical site surveys to assess availability and competence of local healthcare; emergency rescue services, including accident response missions; and educational services, such as trainings for local employees in cardiovascular resuscitation and stress management.

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Public Event Medical Aid

The service includes first-aid station setup and manning at sports events, such as baseball games and marathons, and public entertainment events, such as outside concerts and firework displays. To insure speedy and effective first-aid response, protocols specific to the event are written up in a manual that is memorized by the response team. After the event, we deliver a detailed report covering any incidents to the event organizers and use our analyses of the incidents to inform and improve our preparations for the same event in the following year. First-aid coverage extends to both event participants/performers and spectators/audiences.

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