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Assistance Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Services in Japan  Foreigner

Service Overview

For foreign nationals wishing to avail themselves of some of the cutting-edge medical technologies available only in Japan, we act as match-maker between patient and medical institution and coordinate all aspects of the arrangements, including "medical stay" visa support and escort interpreters as needed. For foreign residents or visitors to Japan who fall ill or suffer injury, we provide comprehensive medical assistance services.

Referral Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Treatment in Japan

In 2011, EAJ became the first company to be recognized and officially sanctioned by the Japanese government to act as guarantor to individuals seeking "medical stay" visa status. Within a period of four years, we have assisted over 400 foreign nationals in obtaining medical treatment in Japan.

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Emergency Assistance Services for Foreign nationals in Japan

We have multilingual capabilities in-house and network relationships with over 800 medical institutions throughout Japan.

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