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Providing total security solutions for global corporationsSecurity Assistance Program  Corporation

Answering needs like these!

  • We need to keep on top of security risks and have access to up-to-the-minute information at all times.
  • We need access to expert advice with regard to risk minimization and crisis response.
  • For the safety of our employees and their families in the event of political instability, social violence, and acts of terror, we need to institute concrete and specific crisis response plans.

Service Overview

Risks associated with political instability, social violence, acts of terror, kidnapping, and heinous crime are becoming ever more diverse, sophisticated, and complex. Now, more than ever, accurate risk assessment and crisis response planning is a must for corporations doing business abroad. We provide optimum security risk solutions specific to the overseas locations of our clients' operations.


Feature 124 hour / 365 day access

In times like the following, security risk consulting and advisory services by experienced security risk professionals are just a telephone call away, any time of day or night:

  • A rapid deterioration of public security is occurring in the local of one of our overseas business facilities. We need professional advice and counseling regarding precautionary measures and evacuation planning. We also require assistance in the event of evacuation.
  • We have lost contact with one of our employees stationed or traveling abroad, and kidnap or political abduction is a possibility; we need counseling and direction with regard to the actions we need to take.
  • Management at one of our locations has received threats from a disgruntled former local employee; we need to arrange bodyguard protection, and we also need expert advice as to how to deal with the situation.

Feature 2Security Updates and Information Services

Members are automatically subscribed to our daily email security brief. This brief analyzes information from a variety of sources, including media, governments, and local security partners, and evaluates and grades risks on a 5-point scale. In addition, special alerts, warnings, and evacuation alarms are sent out in response to situations as they develop.

Feature 3Crisis Response Services

When marked deterioration of local conditions leads to a determination that, to insure employee safety, home or third country evacuation is required, we will orchestrate the arrangements. Under conditions severe enough to warrant evacuation, last-minute improvisation and desperate measures rarely produce good results: Comprehensive crisis response planning during normal times is critical to success. When a crisis response plan is in place, we will activate the necessary emergency assistance providers and see that the plan is carried out. To corporations without crisis response plans in place, we provide consulting services for the construction of a complete and adequate plan.


Security Hotline
Members are provided with a 24-hour 365-day hotline telephone number that they call at any time.
Security Alerts and Warnings
Timely and accurate information regarding violent uprisings, terrorism, revolutions, coup d'états, political upheaval, and major crimes or incidents, as well as advice and recommendations with regard to response, distributed by email.
Emergency Evacuation Assistance
Coordination and implementation of emergency evacuations to safe havens in the event of security crises.
Local Crisis Intervention and Mobilization
Consultation and intervention specialists mobilization in response to external threats and harassment, worker discontent and uprisings, and management lockdowns.