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Enhancing the pleasurable experiences of premium cardholders traveling abroadLifestyle Assistance Services  Credit card

Answering needs like these!

  • Comprehensive concierge services available to cardholders traveling abroad
  • Difficult-to-obtain restaurant reservations and show tickets
  • Travel advice and last minute itinerary changes and arrangements

Service Overview

We are an industry leading provider of exceptional concierge services to credit and bank cards. Premium card issuers depend upon EAJ to preserve customer loyalty through enhancement of cardholder experience while traveling abroad.


Feature 1Around-the-clock service

  • Concierge services in Japanese, 24 hour / 365 day
    Our concierge service platform never sleeps. We are here to meet the needs of customers at any time of night or day.
  • Up-to-date information through worldwide operations and network
    We operate in seven countries (Japan, U.S., U.K., France, China, Thailand, and Singapore) and have access to extensive service capabilities through our worldwide agent network.

Feature 2An Industry Leader

Within an extremely competetive industry, EAJ has consistently met and surpassed the customer service standards of some of the most demanding issuers of premium cards.

Feature 3Experience

For many years now, we have answered the needs of premium cardholders traveling to every part of the world. Our multi-lingual service coordinators are experts in not only the fulfilment of typical concierge service requests but also in solving challenging requests and out-of-the-ordinary problems.


  • Hotel and restaurant reservations worldwide
  • Information and ticket procurement for sporting and entertainment events
  • Fashion and brand-named merchandise shopping information
  • Flower deliveries, worldwide
  • Difficult-to-obtain item searching and procurement assistance