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Medical support for corporations or organizations active overseas and for overseas travel insurance subscribersMedical Assistance Services  Corporation

Service Overview

Services include overseas hospital referrals and appointments, language support during medical consultations, arrangement of medical evauations and repatriations, and comprehensive medical risk mangement. The world is our territory: we deliver the Japan Standard of Assistance to travelers in every corner of the globe.

Overseas Medical Assistance Services (Umbrella Plans)

Comprehensive medical risk management and medical Assistance services packages for corporations and organizations with employees stationed or traveling overseas. As well as assistance with healthcare and payment, we also provide information regarding medical risks and medical providers prior to travel and arrange annual medical checkups for persons stationed abroad. From prevention to after-care, this is a total support service solution. Even in circumstances not covered by travel insurance, the service applies, thus providing full protection and peace of mind.

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Overseas Travel Insurance Assistance Services

EAJ is selected by many of Japan's leading insurers to administer assistance services to customers carrying their Overseas Travel Insurance policies. Operating as a global, 24-hour call center on these insurers' behalf, we meet the Assistance needs of their customers, seeing to it that they receive the medical care they require no matter where they are in the world, and then adjudicate medical claims and make payments directly to providers so that customers pay nothing out-of-pocket.

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