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A message from our CEO

Our business purpose is to render assistance in the areas of healthcare and lifestyle to people traveling far away from home. EAJ’s stated mission is to deliver “A wider world through Assistance”—that is, to support the enjoyment and success of customers engaged in cross-border and cross-cultural activities by attending to matters concerning their health and safety. The job of EAJ is to maintain a low profile when all is well but to be always ready and always available, thus providing a back-stop to the unexpected.

The core of our services is embodied by our assistance coordination staff. EAJ coordinators strive to bring the same level of attention to bear on emergency situations as they would were the customer a member of the coordinator’s own immediate family. We believe that the three key ingredients to service excellence are heart, skill, and communication.

EAJ is contributing to the welfare of society not only through delivery of Assistance but also through business sustainability and the generation of appropriate profits. Our commitment to our shareholders is to continue to generate appreciation of corporate value.

Management and staff at EAJ are working to make “Assistance” socially appreciated and accepted in Japan. We believe that the workplace—in which each of our employees spends a significant portion of his or her day—deserves to be made work friendly, and consequently we have established an internal “pleasant work environment” initiative.

We openly accept and look forward to the daily challenge of creating, through actions and results, a “Japan Standard” for Assistance—a standard that we believe will become recognized by people not only in Japan but also in other Asian nations and around the world. This, we are certain, is the path forward for EAJ, a path by which we will one day become known as a world leader in Assistance.