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Services providing health risk management to employees traveling abroad and employee safety training, as well as event security planning and implementation, emergency aid, and hospital admission assistance.Emergency Response Services  Other

Service Overview

Services center around emergency assistance and emergency response, both overseas and at home. Overseas, we dispatched experienced, professional rescue teams (made up of licensed emergency technician-paramedics and nurses) from Japan to accident sites to deliver first-aid and to perform medical evacuations. In addition to emergency response, we also administer health checkups and health advice to the employees of overseas affiliates. In Japan, we provide first-aid support for public events such as marathons and concerts.

Overseas Emergency Response Services

Member corporations with employees abroad use this service to activate the dispatch of Japanese medical practitioners (licensed technician-paramedics and nurses) to provide health counseling and, in time of emergency, to deliver first-aid and perform medical evacuations. Its facets include information services, such as medical site surveys to assess availability and competence of local healthcare; emergency rescue services, including accident response missions; and educational services, such as trainings for local employees in cardiovascular resuscitation and stress management.

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Public Event Medical Aid

The service includes first-aid station setup and manning at sports events, such as baseball games and marathons, and public entertainment events, such as outside concerts and firework displays. To insure speedy and effective first-aid response, protocols specific to the event are written up in a manual that is memorized by the response team. After the event, we deliver a detailed report covering any incidents to the event organizers and use our analyses of the incidents to inform and improve our preparations for the same event in the following year. First-aid coverage extends to both event participants/performers and spectators/audiences.

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