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Overseas Medical Assistance Services for Corporations and Organizations Dispatching Personnel Overseas  Corporation

Answering needs like these!

  • The ability to obtain medical treatment for employees who fall ill while traveling or while stationed overseas, to assist them with language support during treatment, and to make billing and payment arrangements.
  • Our employees carry overseas travel insurance, but insurance is subject to various restrictions and exclusions; we need to know they always have access to help, regardless of the circumstances.
  • What if one of our people falls seriously ill or is in a serious accident while abroad? We have no idea how to arrange and manage medical evacuations or repatriations.
  • How can we be sure that the doctor treating our employee abroad is comptetent and that the course of treatment is adequate and appropriate? We want a second opinion from a Japanese physician familiar with medical practices in other countries.

Service Overview

This service is designed to control medical risks and provide medical assistance to personnel traveling or stationed abroad. We recommend it for corporations with over 10 applicable employees. How can you be sure that your people have access to adequate medical care when they need it? We make the arrangements, provide language support during exchanges with the physician, monitor patient care, and manage billing and payments. If adequate care is not available locally, we will arrange medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate facility. And if it is determined that the best alternative is to bring the patient home, we will dispatch a doctor and/or nurse escort team from Japan, coordinate the repatriation, and secure a hospital bed for the patient upon his arrival home. Access to service applies regardless of pre-existing conditions or other overseas travel insurance exclusions.


Feature 1Readiness through Infrastructure

  • Call Centers in 6 Countries
    Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and China
  • Worldwide provider network of 11,586 medical institutions and 4,392 agents and service providers
    Capabilities in every region of the world
  • Emergency medicine and air transport medicine certified physicians
    80 Japanese physicians and 62 Japanese nurses and paramedics
  • Charter aircraft network of 40 providers and 114 aircraft
    Moments notice emergency transport mobilization capabilities

Feature 2Japanese Professionalism for Japanese Clients

EAJ is a Japanese public corporation under Japanese management but with global reach; we are focused on meeting the Assistance needs of our Japanese clients. Our Assistance operations are supported by some of Japan's most esteemed medical institutions and practicing physicians. Our mission is demands of our clients for detail, accuracy, and thoroughness and to represent the Japan Standard of service.

Feature 3Everyday Professionalism, Everyday Assistance

Assistance is not just for times of emergency. We will assist your employees in meeting their everyday healthcare needs, whether this means arranging physical examinations or vaccinations abroad or providing access to Japanese physicians for advice. We also provide consulting and pre-travel information regarding sanitation and medical conditions in destination localities, including medical risk surveys on sites under consideration for development or coporate expansion. Why take on unnecessary risk exposure when professional preparedness planning through accurate and reliable information is available?


Hospital and Physician Referrals
We make referrals to medical providers most acceptable by Japanese standards
Medical Interpretation and Escort Services
Our Assistance Coordinators will provide medical interpreatation by telephone. When the situation calls for it, we will arrange local escorts to assist with hospital registration and patient-hospital communications.
Placement of Payment Guarantees with Medical Providers and Payment Facilities
We place payment guarantees with providers, review and negotiate for reduction of medical expenses, and act as payment agent. We also advise with regard to smart and economical use of overses travel insurance benefits.
Medical Monitoring
The patient's progress and the quality of his care are monitored and reported on through regular contacts with the treating physician.
Medical Advice
Our physicians in Japan are available to provide second opinions regarding diagnoses and treatment recommendations made by doctors overseas.
Doctor Dispatch
Depending upon circumstances, we will dispatch a physician from Japan.
Emergency Medical Evacuations and Repatriations
When adequate medical care is not available locally, we will evacuate the patient to the closest appropriate medical facilities. We also arrange and coordinate the repatriation of patients to Japan under the care of a Japanese medical escort team.
Medical Transport Receiving Hospital Arrangements
When patients are transported to Japan for either emergency or continuing long-term care, we see that they are received immediately by an appropriate Japanese care provider.
Funerary Arrangements and Repatriation of Mortal Remains
We will arrange local burial or cremation of a deceased, or repatriate the remains to Japan.
Subrogation of Insurance Claims
When the patient is insured under a Japanese travel insurance policy, we will submit medical claims directly to the insurer.
Consulting Services
We investigate and assess medical risks associated with overseas business concerns and arrange physical examinations for employees at their overseas posts.
Other Services
Health counseling, assistance with insurance claims, legal referrals, regular email updates on overseas medical and security risks, and more.

Case Studies

Chile: Severe burn patient requires long-term care. EAJ dispatches Japanese physician to assess and then to assist with repatriation.

In October 2008, a Japanese business traveler sustained severe burns after accidentally falling into a thermal spring in a remote location. We immediately evacuated the patient to a hospital in Santiago, where he underwent skin transplants. Long-term care was required, but repatriation, due to the severity of his condition, was not an immediate option. EAJ dispatched a Japanese physician to the patient's side. The doctor assessed the patient's condition, explained the situation to the patient and his family, thereby helping to allay their fears, and at the same time consulted with the local physician in order to construct a repatriation plan. As a result of the doctor's three week stay, the patient was safely flown the twenty hours back to Japan in December under medical supervision.

New Zealand: Major earthquake results in numerous deaths and casualties. Multiple medical teams dispatched to deal with each patient, one by one.

When Christchurch, New Zealand, was struck by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in February 2011, the casualties included 28 Japanese students. EAJ rushed a task force to the scene. The living suffered from severe crush syndrome and broken bones as well as external wounds. Between February and April, we dispatched a total of four medical teams from Japan. Each patient was dealt with seperately, and each was transported back to Japan under medical supervision only when his or her condition became stable enough to sustain the long flight. Concurrently, EAJ received the families of the deceased and arranged either local cremation or transport of remains as the family requested.

South Africa: Bus accident results in numerous injuries. EAJ arranges evacuation and long-distance transport by chartered aircraft.

In February 2008, a tour bus conducting a local tour for passengers on a cruise liner tumbled off of a highway embankment near Durban. Fourty-two Japanese sustained injuries and were taken to a local hospital. We were called upon to provide assistance and assessed the situation. Four of the injured suffered multiple fractures and needed to brought home. We dispatched a chartered aircraft and two medical teams. The four patients were safely flown together from Johanesbug back to Japan.

A Few of Our Corporate Clients

  • Chiyoda Corporation
  • FamilyMart Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • JGC Corporation
  • Kawasaki Kisen (K Line)
  • Nichirei Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Santen Pharamceutical
  • Yazaki Corporation
  • YKK Corporation

* Listed in alphabetical order

Many other overseas companies contract with us.

Package Services

Security Assistance Program

The risks corporations face overseas are not unique to each; rather, they are attributable to any combination of geographic, political, social, or cultural factors. Security risks such as civil discord, political and social unrest, revolution, terrorism, crime, and large scale labor disputes are prime examples. When risks like these become realities, not only may evacuation of corporate personnel may become a necessity, but physical, emotional, and psychological injury may also be incurred. By combining our Medical Assistance services with Security Assistance, we provide corporations with a single, comprehensive security risk solution.

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