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Delivery of health risk management, rescue response, first-aid administration, and safety training to employees of Japanese corporations stationed at overseas plants or operations. Overseas Emergency Response Services  Other

Answering needs like these!

  • We wish to consult with and receive first-aid training from medical professionals (emergency technician-paramedics and nurses).
  • We need to receive accurate and up-to-date information regarding health conditions and risks in the vicinity of our overseas operations, as well as location information and competency assessment of local health care providers.
  • We need help with mitigation of overseas healthcare costs.

Service Overview

This service delivers health risk management and health emergency response capabilities to Japanese working overseas. Its facets include information services, such as medical site surveys to assess availability and competence of local healthcare; emergency rescue services, including accident response missions; and educational services, such as trainings for local employees in cardiovascular resuscitation and stress management.


Feature 1Nationally Certified Paramedic and Nurse Rescue Teams Dispatch

Experienced rescue teams composed of nationally certified emergency technician-paramedics and nurses deliver first-aid and rescue services to domestic and foreign disaster sites and to overseas corporate operation sites. These teams also undertake health risk assessment surveys of overseas corporate operations and assist in emergency response planning; they perform medical transports, medical evacuations, and medical escort functions when patients are admitted to local healthcare facilities; and they administer healthcare consultation and advice to overseas corporate personnel.

The essential feature of this service is comprehensive healthcare management, including both day-to-day healthcare consultation and emergent care and rescue capabilities. Whether through term assignment or regular visitation scheduling, side-by-side access to healthcare professionals at overseas operations reduces corporate exposure to employee health risks and mitigates healthcare costs through disease prevention, early detection, and early treatment.


Health Risk Management

Overseas Dispatch of Paramedics and Nurses
Medical professionals dispatched to overseas sites monitor employee health and deliver healthcare advise.
Medical Response Preparedness in Remote Areas
Emegency response and medical evacuation planning and advice.
Health Data Management
Maintenance of personnel records and monitoring of test results for change.

First-Aid and Resuce

Emergency and Health Rescue Team Dispatch
Medical professionals deliver emergency aid and medical evacuation to victims at accident sites, as well as administering first-aid at outside concerts and sporting events.
Medical Evacuation Planning
Expert emergency response plsnning, including medicl evacuation/repatriation simulation.
Medical-risk Site Surveys
Assessment of work environment for health risks and competency of local healthcare providers emergency services based on Japanese standards.


Safety Training
On-site training in CPR, AED, and other first-aid procedures.
Stress Management
Training in self-administration of stress management.
Emergency Response Training
Employee trainings and workshops in emergency cognition and response.

Package Services

Overseas Medical Assistance

For more complete protection of your employees' health and wellbeing, we recommend enrollment in an overseas travel insurance plan that features our Overseas Medical Assistance services as a benefit. Overseas Medical Assistance complements our Overseas Emergency Response Services by providing employees with immediate telephone access to medical interpretation and help with direct insurance billing procedures.

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