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First-aid administration and medical coordination to protect the safety of participants and spectators at sporting and entertainment events and movie and TV filming.Public Event Medical Aid  Other

Answering needs like these!

  • We wish to ensure safety and security at our upcoming public event.
  • We cannot rely on volunteers; we need professionals to organize and deliver aid.
  • The event will also include foreign nationals; we need to be prepared to care for them as well.

Service Overview

This service mitigates risks associated with hosting of sporting events, such as baseball games and marathons, and outside concerts, firework displays, and other forms of public entertainment. EAJ organizes and administers first-aid and medical assistance on-site. The service begins with a thorough survey of the venue, during which primary and alternate routing to nearby medical facilities is identified and charted. Incident-response protocols specific to the event are written up in a manual that is carried and memorized by all members of the response team to insure that if injuries do occur, they are dealt with speedily and effectively. After the event, we deliver a detailed report covering any incidents to the event organizers and use our analyses of the incidents to inform and improve our preparations for the same event the following year. First-aid coverage extends to both event participants/performers and spectators/audiences.


Feature 1Dispatch of Medical Aid Professionals

EAJ medical aid attendants have participated in domestic and overseas disaster relief missions and have accumulated many hours of rescue and evacuation experience under a variety of circumstances and conditions. Their professionalism ensures your protection.

Feature 2Fast and Efficient Response through Remote Monitoring and Supervision

Placement and movement of medical aid attendants is systemically monitored and supervised from our remote control center; this way, when an accident does occur, the attendant closest to the scene can be mobilized. The same system also retains information regarding medical facilities in the vicinity of the event, so that attendants caring for patients can be directed to the closest and most appropriate facility by the fastest route.

Feature 3Assistance and Support for Foreign Participants

Increases in the numbers of foreign participants in Japanese events is a trend that is expected to continue; EAJ has multilingual capabilities and long experience in assisting and caring for foreign nationals. We also have expertise in international medical transports, should an injured patient wish to be returned to his or her home country.


Survey of Event Site and Surroundings
Surveys include identification and assessment of medical facilities in the vicinity and coordination with local fire departments and other emergency services.
Emergency Response and Aid Delivery Planning
Prior to the event, accident and incident simulation studies are run, and safety precautions and emergency protocols are identified and presented to all aid personnel in the form of a manual specific to the event.
Strategic Placement of Aid Personnel
Aid personnel are strategically stationed at the event venue to provide maximum coverage and facilitate quick mobilization. With the occurrence of an accident, they respond according to pre-established protocols and access fastest routes to neighborhood hospitals or other emergency care facilities.
Report to Event Organizers
After the event, a complete report, covering any and all incidents and actions taken in response, is presented to the event organizers. The report also includes our suggestions and proposals with regard to improvement of safety and security at future events.

Emergency Aid Examples

Marathon Event

A forty-year-old marathon participant with no previous history of heart problems undergoes sudden cardio-vascular arrest. Aid is delivered using an automated external defibrillator (AED); the man recovers, returning to normal activity and his occupation.


An artist is attacked during his performance. Quick response by aid attendants prevents the incident from turning into a disaster.

Sports Event Spectator

A spectator in the stands at a baseball game is struck in the head by a home run ball. An aid attendant delivers first-aid and serious complications are avoided.

EAJ has provided emergency medical aid and support at numerous public events, including the following:

  • Baseball and soccer games and tournaments
  • e-Events, concerts, and firework displays
  • TV and movie filming sets and locations
  • School and corporate outings and travel groups
  • Theme parks and other public entertainment venues