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Medical assistance for foreign nationals who want to seek medical attention in Japanese hospitalsMedical Healthcare Tourism Services  Foreigner

Answering needs like these!

  • I want to receive advanced medical care in Japan but I do not know how to access which hospitals.
  • I need total support for the necessary arrangements and procedures before, during and after my stay in Japan.
  • I need help in obtaining a "medical stay" visa.
  • I would like a professional medical interpreter to be available when I visit a medical institution.
  • I want to transfer money in advance so that I don't have to carry a large amount of cash to pay medical bills.

Service Overview

EAJ will provide co-ordination for foreigners to access Japanese medical and healthcare services. In 2011, EAJ became the first company to be recognized and officially sanctioned by the Japanese government to act as guarantor to individuals seeking "medical stay" visa status. To date, we have assisted more than 5,800 foreign nationals in 52 countries in obtaining medical treatment in Japan.

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