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Total support, from travel to treatment, for foreign patients desiring access to Japan's highly advanced healthcareReferral Services for Foreign Nationals seeking Medical Treatment in Japan  Foreigner

Answering needs like these!

  • How do gain access to highly advance Japanese healthcare, and how do I make arrangements from abroad?
  • I need help with logistical arrangements, including travel and lodging, from beginning to end.
  • I need help in obtaining a "medical stay" visa.
  • I will need someone to accompany me to the hospital and to interpret during interactions with physicians and hospital staff.
  • I do not wish to carry large amounts of cash in order to pay for medical expenses. I would like to wire funds in advance and to have you make disbursements on my behalf.

Service Overview

Assistance and intermediary services for foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Japan. In 2011, EAJ became the first company to be recognized and officially sanctioned by the Japanese government to act as guarantor for individuals requiring a "medical stay" travel visa. Within four years, we have led the way in medical tourism by assisting over 400 foreign nationals coming from all parts of the world to Japan for treatment. After carefully assessing each patient's medical condition and needs, we are able to match him or her, through our proprietary provider network, with a medical institution and physician with competencies in the types of treatment for which Japanese medicine is best known—such as minimally invasive radiotherapy and endoscopic therapy or heart and brain surgery. We will then assist the patient with travel and lodging arrangements, "medical stay" travel visa procurement, side-by-side interpretation during treatment, translation of medical reports, and logistic support up until his or her safe return home.

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Feature 1As the first authorized "Medical Travel Assistance Provider",(*2) EAJ is a recognized leader in the growing medical tourism industry

In 2011, EAJ became the first organization to be recognized and approved by the government of Japan to act as a Medical Stay travel visa "Guarantor".(*1) Then, in 2015, in testament to the excellence of our service, meeting and exceeding stringent governmental standards, we became the first certified Medical Travel Assistance Provider, thereby being granted official authorization to act as liaison and advocate on behalf of foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Japan.(*2) Our ever-expanding provider network of over 800 Japanese medical institutions and our many years of assisting foreign visitors also contribute to our leadership position in the emerging and rapidly growing medical tourism market sector.

*1 Registered Medical Stay Visa Guarantor
The Medical Stay visa is a travel visa issued to foreign nationals and their escorts or travel companions coming to Japan for the purpose of receiving medical treatment (including health scans and diagnostic procedures). In order to obtain this visa, a fidelity guarantee from a registered Guarantor is required.

*2 "Medical Travel Assistance Provider" Certification
In order that foreign nationals may have a safe and reliable conduit for obtaining medical treatment in Japan, the Japanese government has established a certifaction program for corporations and organizations meeting or exceeding its stringent service quality requirements.

September 2015, first officially certified Japanese provider of Assistance to the medical tourism industry.

Feature 2Introducing the benefits of Japanese medical care to patients from around the world. Experienced medical coordinators with multi-lingual competency.

The number one barrier between foreign patients and Japanese medical institutions and their physicians is that of language. EAJ translates the arriving patient's medical records and other pertinent medical information into Japanese and then provides side-by-side medical interpretation during treatment. As well as 24-hour English, Chinese, and Russian hotline services, we have capabilities in 15 other languages. Patients need not be concerned about their ability to comunicate while they are in our hands.

Feature 3Full-service coordination from pre-trip planning to completing and safe return home

Service begins with consultation, during which we assess the patient's medical information and then recommend a medical provider or providers appropriate to his or her needs. Next, we assist the patient with travel and lodging arrangements and procurement of the necessary Medical Stay travel visa. We are with the patient every step of the way, providing logistic support and interpretation during treatment and seeing that he or she is safely returned to her home country upon completion.

Feature 4Payment guarantor services for security of both patient and provider

The patient deposits funds in advance with EAJ, and EAJ makes disbursements on patient's behalf; this way, the patient need not carry large amounts of cash with him or her to Japan or be concerned with the need to make payments during treatment, and medical providers can be assured that all payments will be made in a timely manner.


Translation and Interpretation
Medical translation and interpretation to and from English, Chinese, Russian, and other major languages.
Medical Provider Selection Consulting
Recommendation of appropriate provider or providers based upon patient's medical condition and special needs or requests.
Travel Planning and Arrangements from Start to Finnish
Assistance with all aspects of the patient's travel to and from and stay in Japan, including airline ticket procurement and hotel reservations.
Medical Stay Travel Visa Procurement Support
Support for procurement of necessary travel visa for patient and accompanying family members or other escorts.
24-hour 365-day Call Center
Patients may call us in English, Chinese, or Russian at any time during their stay.
Payment Guarantor Services
We will act as patient's proxy and make payments to medical providers on patient's behalf.
Second Opinions
Upon request, we can obtain opinions from qualified Japanese physicians based upon medical records without the need to travel to Japan.

Case Study

Colombia: Male patient expresses appreciation for heavy particle radiation therapy received in Japan.

Patient who had undergone surgery and chemotherapy for cancer was in need of radiation treatment; ordinary radiation treatment, however, due to the proximity of the tumor to his spinal cord, was not an option. Upon learning about heavy particle radiation, available in other countries, he made several inquiries abroad. He settled upon Japan because of cost benefits and the professionalism of EAJ's coordinators. In Japan, he was especially impressed with the pragmatism of his physicians and the sophistication of their technology. Hospital staff were thoughtful and attentive to his needs, and he was thoroughly satisfied with services provided by EAJ.